What Topics to Learn to Write MGMT6012 Assessment Answers without Hassle?

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So, you are looking for inspiration to write the MGMT6012 assessment answers. No worries; this blog has got you covered.

So, you are looking for inspiration to write the MGMT6012 assessment answers. No worries; this blog has got you covered. The program requires you to:

  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of managers
  • Discuss the risks and challenges the managers need to address in current organizations
  • Discuss the impact of ethics, values, and diversity on an organization's culture

The problem, however, is that you will find heaps of information online. It is the same issue whether you write MRKT310 assessment answers or any other related course answers. Thus, here is a precise list of the essential topics that you need to cover to write these answers. Let’s have a look.

The 4 Types of Organisational Politics

Organizational politics is something you need to learn while writing MGMT6012 or MBA637 assessment answers. Organizational politics includes a wide variety of activities that improve personal or organizational interest using influence tactics. According to research, employees with good political skills can gain more personal power and is able to manage stress, and job demands equally well.

The four types of organizational politics are:

  • The weeds

Informal networks and personal influence dominate in this type of organizational politics.

  • The high ground

This is the combination of formal authority and organizational systems.

  • The woods

This is where people within an organization are protected from implicit norms, unspoken routines, and hidden assumptions.

  • The rocks

This type of politics is about individual interactions and formal sources of authority like access to resources, expertise, role, and title.

It is crucial to understand the political terrain within an organization. It would help you fight dysfunctional politics easily.

Organizational Behavior and its Role in Business Management

Organizational behavior and impact on business management are one of the most common topics included in BUS402 assessment answers. Organizational behavior helps managers achieve organizational effectiveness. The disciplines that contribute to organizational behaviour are:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Social psychology
  • Political science

Impact of organizational behaviour on business management:

  • Globalization

Organizations are no longer restricted to one specific country. As the organizations expand, the manager’s job also changes accordingly. The management also has to deal with unfamiliar laws, language, work ethics, etc. Organizational behavior lets the firm run on a global scale.

  • Managing workforce diversity

Organizations consist of a heterogeneous mix of people of different ages, races, genders, etc. Thus, it is crucial to manage workforce diversity, and that is possible due to organizational behavior.

Characteristics of a Dynamic Environment in a Strategic Environment

Environmental dynamics is the study of the interactions between outside systems and human activity. The different types of dynamics include:

  • Economic dynamics- The changes in economics spark dynamic environment geography.
  • Societal dynamics- Sociocultural conditions can also catalyze the business environment.
  • Technological dynamics- A new discovery or invention can revolutionize an industry.
  • Market dynamics- New players in a competitive marketplace become change agents, thereby creating dynamic conditions.

You have to learn all the four types of dynamic environments to write MGT680 assessment answers appropriately.

There are ways to get help if you are stuck while writing the answers. For instance, you can talk to your professors, or you can always connect with online experts.

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